Start & Scale Your Coaching Biz to 6 figures and beyond within 3 - 6 months

As a Coach,


What is it, that you truly want, deep down?

My Name is Nathalie Sabrina Dahl and I’ve been in Business for over 20 years and studied personal development for more than 15 years.

After interviewing more than 200 coaches and working with over 70 coaches I found a common thread of what doesn’t work when you’re a coach and I also found the common issues & challenges that coaches face:

Your mission is to help a lot of people. There's nothing wrong with that, it is a very honorable mission, but the thing is: Coaching & Training is a business. Just like having a convenience store or selling goods online or being a producing machines, Coaching and Training is a business. And if you don’t know how to find clients, if you don’t know how to fill your pipelines and if you don’t know how to convert those leads into customers, what happens is your business is not a business, it’s not sustainable, it cannot grow, and you cannot scale it.

Does that make sense so far?

What most of us coaches want, being coaches that are truly passionate about what we do is to have an 


To do something of significance, transform people and companies with the work we do, meaningful work that makes a difference in other peoples' lives.

And there need to be 3 things in place, in order for your coaching biz to have a significant IMPACT: 


Without a profit, your business is not going to be sustainable, it won't work. Simple as that. And money is just a way to measure success, which ultimately results in helping more people and companies.


If your coaching biz does not add at least 7 - 10 times more value than what you charge, it won't be sustainable either. Adding Value to your clients is the core and essence of any coaching business.


Without leverage, no big impact. If you want to grow, scale and play a bigger game, you need to use all the tools the modern information age has to offer.

So we created a program that is here to fill the gaps. That puts the 3 key factors in place. 

And this program is so powerful that our first clients who started last year have  made between 4’000 and 120’000 EUR within 3 months into the program. Don't just take my word for it, check out the Case Studies below.

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CASE STUDY Vishal Chaudhari, India

"I got 1 high end corporate client worth more than 50 k$ after 2,5 months into the program, 3 more lined up ready to sign, 30 in the pipeline and over 150 leads - this system works in all industries!"


"(german translation) I quadrupled my income since working with Nathalie within  3 - 4 months!"

Case Study Mariana Solorzano, Mexico (Germany)

"After 6 sessions with Nathalie I had my online product and sold my very first 13 of it, making over 6'000 EUR!"

Update November 2018: after 2 more sessions Mariana increased her revenue to 23'000 EUR... video case study will follow

CASE STUDY Mark Harvey, UK

"Before working with Nathalie I was stuck, it wasn't until I started the coaching that literally everything unfolded, got my coaching business 

to 6 figures in 3 months! 

Going for my 1st Million now!"

CASE STUDY Cornelia Handschin, Switzerland

"The Bitcoin Granny reveals: 3 new clients after only 3 sessions of the program! If I can do it - anyone can"

CASE STUDY Melody Oonincx, Netherlands

"This program has given me a lot of clarity and I have made back my initial investment within a couple of weeks - go for it, it's really worth it!"

We are different, because...

We are all about results, no fluff, no dilly-dallying around, but straight forward results


If you’re in the position that you want to grow your business, that you want to get more clients, you want to find out if the market really wants what you have, and you want to have a business model that allows you to breathe and have the freedom & lifestyle you desire: This program is for you.

My mission is to help you get there, because I firmly believe that the world needs more working, profitable and scalable Coaching Businesses. 

This is my big WHY of why I’m doing what I’m doing.


Our Partners


CASE STUDY Nirupama Vyas, India

"9 clients after 3 months of working this program - I had no idea where to start in the beginning"

CASE STUDY Riccardo Roano, Italy

"I could not have made this progress without this program"

CASE STUDY Daniele Piva, Italy

"I made 37 kEUR selling a teaching contract to a corporation after 2 months of the program - not bad for a very first sale in training!" 

What you will learn & implement in the program:



Get clear & laser focused about your unique, core strengths and identify your ideal Target Market to create a powerful symphony between the 2 that will make your marketing effortless and easy.

We will show you the low risk secret strategy you can very quickly implement to test your idea and tweak it for the best response from the people you want to help,  so that you can make sure to hit the market with a bulls eye in order to earn a lot of money in record time. 

PILLAR 2: The Transformational Leader Approach


Like the conquerors in the old days and also like all the transformational leaders of the new age we will use powerful strategies to position yourself as the expert, both offline and online.

This will ensure that the right type of clients will be attracted to you, clients that fit your personality, your style and your believes. And it will prevent you from being the world's best kept secret.

We will work on your brand, message and social media presence in this pillar, using the best proven techniques (that the big names in the industry use to their advantage) -  to make sure you won't be left behind.



With this pillar we will map out a  clear plan on where to find your niche and strong tools & techniques to unlock the vault to closing more sales.

Sales is the no 1 skill in business - and in live - and we will help you to become a master at it. 

Create your own Sales Engine and get it up and running to do the work for you, by using powerful organic and automation strategies.

The fun really starts now as your prospect and client pipeline starts to become a flow (not a trickle) and you will have to think about taking it to the next level - by scaling and playing an even bigger game.

There are 2 Levels to work the Formula:



This program is like a quickstart guide to setting up your new Smart Phone: No one studies computer science for years just to learn how to use a mobile phone! 

And it can be this easy with starting and growing your coaching business:

Save yourself at least 10 years of trying to find the best possible ways to get your first coaching clients on your own and set yourself up for success by learning this proven Formula. Join our group of successful coaches and get your first clients within 4 months, prove to yourself and the world that the value you add to people can be monetized and turned into a successfull business. You deserve it!

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This program is the sequel to the Quickstart Formula and focuses on the same core pillars, but more in an scalable way by using techniques that favour your precious time with automated systems.

There are 3 criterias you need to meet in order to move directly into the Scale Formula: 

1) monthly income

2) number of clients you have helped

3) laserfocused program

To determine which level is the right fit for you the next step is to fill out the short assessment by clicking the button below: 

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