Stop the Guess Work and get your first 6 - 8 Coaching Clients within 3 - 4 months! 

Attention Coaches!

As a Coach,

Would you like to make a great living teaching what you love?

My Name is Nathalie Sabrina Dahl and I’ve been in Business for over 20 years and studied personal development for more than 15 years.

After interviewing more than 60 coaches I found a common thread of what doesn’t work when you’re a coach and I also found the common issues & challenges that coaches face:

Your mission is to help a lot of people. There's nothing wrong with that, it is a very honorable mission, but the thing is that Coaching & Training is a business. Just like having a convenience store or selling goods online or being a consultant, Coaching and Training is a business. And if you don’t know how to find clients, if you don’t know how to fill your pipelines and if you don’t know how to convert those leads into customers then what happens is your business is not a business, it’s not sustainable, it cannot grow, and you cannot scale it.

Does that make sense so far?

And at the end of the day all most of us want is to help a lot of people, make a great living doing so and to be free - free to chose who we work with, when and where. Freedom of choice, freedom of location, to work from anywhere in the world – be a virtual nomad – how does that sound to you?

So we created a program that is here to fill the gaps. Because if you don’t know how to find clients, you don’t have a business – simple as that. I’m not here to sugarcoat things because that doesn’t help you.

We put together a powerful program that combines the teachings of 3 major leaders in the industry such as Blair Singer, JT Foxx and Alex Mandossian.

And this program is so powerful that our first clients who started last year have  made between 4’000 and 120’000 EUR within 3 months into the program. If you want to check it out, see for yourself – don’t believe a word I’m saying – and watch the Case Studies below.

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Case Study Mariana Solorzano, Mexico (Germany)

"After 6 sessions with Nathalie I had my online product and sold my very first 13 of it, making over 6'000 EUR!"

CASE STUDY Mark Harvey, UK

"Before working with Nathalie I was stuck, it wasn't until I started the coaching that literally everything unfolded, got my coaching business 

to 6 figures in 3 months! 

Going for my 1st Million now!"

CASE STUDY Cornelia Handschin, Switzerland

"The Bitcoin Granny reveals: 3 new clients after only 3 sessions of the program! If I can do it - anyone can"

CASE STUDY Vishal Chaudhari, India

"I got 1 high end corporate client worth more than 50 k$ after 2,5 months into the program, 3 more lined up ready to sign, 30 in the pipeline and over 150 leads - this system works in all industries!"

CASE STUDY Melody Oonincx, Netherlands

"This program has given me a lot of clarity and I have made back my initial investment within a couple of weeks - go for it, it's really worth it!"

Wouldn't it be nice, if there actually was a program, that would show you exactly how to get coaching clients with ease, with guaranteed processes and proven techniques?  

The Reality is, that there are a lot of great programs out there – and a lot of other ones, too. Chances of finding what you need is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack – especially when it comes to online programs. A lot of coaches and trainers are working their butts off, but getting all the pieces of creating, researching, marketing and selling with a laser focus together – all by yourself - can be challenging.

As a result, for most coaches it looks something like this:

  • Start super excited and motivated to coach and change people’s lives with your unique knowledge
  • Get business cards, build a website, start “networking”
  • End up working 60 or even 80 hours a week trying different ways to market yourself - without making any money
  • Reality sinks in - you start thinking you don’t quite know what you’re doing
  • Question yourself - “Was this really such a great idea?”
  • But you keep going anyway
  • Struggle to find clients
  • Start using savings for daily expenses because you’re running low on money
  • Keep holding out for more clients
  • Run out of money and get a job

Spend the rest of your life thinking “If only I could have made it work.”

Or maybe you’re the type who thinks, “I’ll build up my coaching on the side until it’s almost the same as my salary and then I’ll quit.”
The sad truth here, is you’ll never quit because you’re too comfortable.

It is a challenge only 0.001% overcome alone. Maybe you are in the 0.001% of people, but my guess is, there’s a reason you are reading this and you got to this website.

And it’s because you’re smart and know that you could try to figure all this out by yourself, BUT, you’d rather get someone to show you how to avoid the mistakes and take the shorter route to having a successful coaching business.

So what can you do? You can find a mentor, someone who’s been there and can show you exactly step by step the secret strategies that the world’s top coaches use to find clients and live life on their terms. Unfortunately, we live in an age of overly informed but underly actionable products. 

What do I mean by that? A lot of programs inform – but they lack to involve and inspire. If parts 2 and 3 of the equation are missing, it doesn’t work. It might feel good in the beginning, but there are no results.

And after all: this is what counts: RESULTS.  

We are different, because...

We are all about results, no fluff, no dilly-dallying around, but straight forward results


If you’re in the position that you want to grow your business, that you want to get more clients, you want to find out if the market really wants what you have, this program is for you.

My mission is to help you get better, to help you grow your business and find a lot of clients and make a lot of money. Because the more money you make the more you can scale, help more people and the world will eventually be a better place. 

This is my big WHY of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

This powerful program is going to give you results super-fast: coaching clients, online exposure, leads and prospects, so that you can move forward with the absolute confidence, that what you’re doing is worth your while, the market wants and needs what you provide, and you can have the freedom of choice, work from anywhere in the world and get rich teaching what you love!

Our Partners

You deserve it

We want you to have these results, too

because we firmly believe that we can make the world a better place by helping more coaches and trainers to scale their business.


THE COACHING BIZ QUICKSTART FORMULA™ will give you simple proven strategies to help you change lives and grow a thriving coaching business. All of this can be done in a matter of weeks. It’s really down to you and the pace at which you want to go through the program.

Chances are, that what you have been doing so far hasn't been working. If you keep on doing the same thing, you will keep on getting the same results. Decide now to take the necessary steps, join our community of successful Coaches and Trainers and  let's transform people's lives together - globally!

CASE STUDY Nirupama Vyas, India

"9 clients after 3 months of working this program - I had no idea where to start in the beginning"

CASE STUDY Riccardo Roano, Italy

"I could not have made this progress without this program"

CASE STUDY Daniele Piva, Italy

"I made 37 kEUR selling a teaching contract to a corporation after 2 months of the program - not bad for a very first sale in training!" 


Module 1 : CLARITY


Get clear & laser focused 

about your passion & purpose, find out what you're really great & unique at and identify your ideal Target Market.

Module 2: REMOVE


Remove what has held you back so far, so that you can speed up your results and get what you want quickly.

Module 3: VERIFY


Verify that people are willing to pay for what you are offering, because there's nothing worse than wasting a lot of time, money and energy on marketing that doesn't work.

We will show you the low risk secret strategy you can very quickly implement to test your idea and tweak it for the best response from the people you want to help,  so that you can make sure to hit the market with a bulls eye in order to earn a lot of money in record time. 



Position yourself as THE 

“Go To” person, to have  clients fighting for a slot in your calendar and to have more clients then you can personally handle in a short period of time.

Module 5: SELL


Sales can be fun if you think of it like playing a game - and that's all it really is. Sales is the game and money is the score.

The fun really starts now as you start getting your first real clients, getting some money in your pocket and being on your way to becoming a sucessful coach!


This program is like a quickstart guide to setting up your new Smart Phone: No one studies computer science for years just to learn how to use a mobile phone! 

And it can be this easy with starting and growing your coaching business:

Save yourself at least 10 years of trying to find the best possible ways to get your first coaching clients on your own and set yourself up for success by learning this proven Formula. Join our group of successful coaches and get your first clients within 4 months, prove to yourself and the world that the value you add to people can be monetized and turned into a successfull business. You deserve it!

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