Start & Scale Your Coaching Biz to 6 figures and beyond within 3 - 6 months

Would you like to WIN the Coaching Business Game?


If the answer is yes - READ ON.

Why do some coaches thrive and make it big - while others are merely getting by?

What do they know and do, that others  don't?

To answer this question we interviewed more than 250 coaches and consultants and came up with 3 main ingredients to win big in the Coaching Business, which I'll reveal in a couple of paragraphs.

The other thing we identified in working with more than 100 coaches is:

All successful coaches are very creative when it comes to finding and getting clients. 

So we sat together and brainstormed a list of creative strategies where to find Coaching Clients to give you a headstart.

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Now you have some more ideas, where to find Coaching Clients - what's next?

We developed a formula to work the 3 main ingredients to building a Successful Coaching Business into an easy, Step-By-Step System.    

Here's what happened to our clients when they applied the formula: 


The Power of 3rd Party Authority... What our clients say abut the coaching

Gaspar da Silva, Brazil

 "got 2 clients before even finishing the Quickstart Formula" 

Kenneth Kurtzweg, Germany:

"Almost doubled my income within 3,5 months !"

Vishal Chaudhari, India:

"I got 1 high end corporate client worth more than 50 k$ after 2,5 months into the program, 3 more lined up ready to sign, 30 in the pipeline and over 150 leads - this system works in all industries!"


"(german translation) quadrupled my income  within  3 - 4 months!"

Mark Harvey, UK:

"got my coaching business to 6 figures in 3 months and going for my 1st Million now!"

What are the main reasons why Coaches can't find Clients?

Deadly Sin No 1 - The Superhero Coach Syndrom:

Be everything to everybody.... the main reason why your marketing doesn't work

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Deadly Sin No 1 - Lack of CLARITY

and the main reason why people don't buy your program

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Deadly Sin No 3: Lack of Persistance

and the main reason why you burn yourself out

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 Deadly Sin No 4: Poor Sales Skills

the main reason why coaches have to go back and get a job - unfortunately...

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 Deadly Sin No 5: No Plan

aimless and pointless frustrations - going nowhere, fast

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What is it we really truly want - as Coaches?

The 3 main ingredients to any successfull Coaching Business

Simple, but profound. If you get this right, you'll have a working coaching business in no time.

Miss these key elements and you will always be struggling, asking yourself when your time and effort will finally pay off and wheter or not you'll have to go back to find a job.

ALL the successful multimillion dollar coaching organisation implement these 3 main ingredients and keep working and refining them until they get them just right:

1) Be very specific in what you help people with and find the perfect niche for it - don't be everything to everybody

2) Let the world know about it

3) Create a well oiled system to get leads and clients on an ongoing basis

Would you like some help implementing these 3 main ingredients?

Here's how we can support your implementation process:


The 3 Implementation Pillars:

Do you have a Flagship Program?



In the first module we will do 3 things:

1) extract your core strength, passion and virtue (= your IP) and turn this into a Flagship Program - the one core program which will easily open all the necessary doors for you.

2) Find the perfect niche for your Flagship Program

3) Test both to find the ideal match:

We'll show you 3 low risk strategies you can very quickly implement to test your idea and tweak it for the best response from your market.

Are you the world's best kept secret?



PILLAR 2:  Expert Positioning 

Ensure that all the people who matter know about you,  EXACTLY what you stand for, why they should work with you and what they will get out of it.

Use proven strategies all great leaders know about to your advantage, because:

People are looking for a leader.

Let's make sure they'll be looking for you.

Do you have a system to get clients?



Put an end to endless manual prospecting - with THE SALES ENGINE™ - a systemized process designed to give you as many appointments in your calendar as you want.

Are you good with technology?

If the answer is no, don't worry. We've got you covered. 

If technology is not your friend, we'll implement the necessary systems.

Let them run on autopilot, prequalifying your leads and getting them to book a sales appointment in your calendar - while you eat, sleep or are out having fun.



  • Get the Step-by-Step system
  • Identify your niche
  • Pick your core strength
  • Market your Door-Opener
  • Attract JUST the right clients
  • Test before you create
  • Use proven strategies for Expert Positioning
  • Leverage Online Strategies
  • Implement semi-automated processes
  • Get 3 - 8 paying clients
  • Raise your fees...

Are you a good fit and will it work for you, too?  
Take the short assessment and find out!

. If you are a good fit you will be eligible for a complimentary client finder session with one of our experts, where we will determine:

1) Your ROAD MAP to get your Business to where you'd like it to be 

in terms of clients, profit and leverage

2) REALITY CHECK:  What has been working and what hasn't

3) Identify what has SLOWED you down up until now and how to remove it

Take the assessment and get clarity:



  • Identify the best "bait" for your clients
  • Test your Market
  • Use proven templates from already working strategies
  • Have the system & technology implemented for you
  • Get weekly leads on autopilot
  • nurture your leads  & follow up with them without any manual work
  • wait until your prospects are ready to buy
  • convert your prospects into clients 
  • grow and scale your business - as quickly as you choose to

Are you ready to scale & automate?  Take the short assessment to find out! One of our scale specialist will be in touch with you shortly after for the Scale Session where we'll help you create a plan for taking your business to the next level.

And if you're not ready to scale yet, we'll let you know and see if and how we can help you build the foundation first.