Philipp Vollenweider, Switzerland

"Got results in 3 main areas

better at speaking, raised my sales skills from 2 to 8 (on a scale of 1 - 10) and got 2x my investment for the coaching back - so far..."

Ken Kurtzweg, Germany (Canada)

"almost doubled my income within 3 months! and got to by myself the new Tesla.... :)"

James Dand, UK

" created a program, already have a couple of paying clients and more in the pipeline! You truly care about getting your clients results"

Cornelia Handschin, Switzerland:

"3 new clients after only 3 sessions of the program! If I can do it - anyone can"


Diana Blanco, Spain

Congratulations Diana Blanco for your big win at the SALES BOOTCAMP yesterday, making 1 REAL SALE during one of the exercises which paid for your trip plus 50 %!

Nirupama Vyas, India:

"9 clients after 3 months"

Daniele Piva, Italy:

"37 kEUR selling a my very first teaching contract to a corporation after 2 months of the program" 

Ken Kurtzweg: Sales Bootcamp

Congratulations Ken Kurtzweg for closing a 6 figure deal using the Sales Bootcamp Techniques :-)) !!!

Mariana Solorzano, Mexico (Germany):

"after 6 sessions sold 6'000 EUR worth of online programs.... 

Kornelia Kotulla, Germany

Before the program I was thinking I'm not a salesperson, I can't do this, and my Little Voice told my "you can't sell". Doing a lot of practice I was then able to experience, that I really can do this, and I sold 10 voice coachings and my business is increasing!

Mark Harvey Case Study

went from employment to over 100 kEUR revenue within 3 months! find coaching clients business coaching education

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