Create Your Brand

Position Yourself as the Expert 

Maximize YOUR Strengths

Engage, Mesmerize and Inspire YOUR AUDIENCE

A 1 day intensive live workshop to create your personal & company brand, learn how to speak powerfully and to give your Coaching Biz a boost in terms of credibility.

This event supports the POSITIONING module of THE COACHING BIZ FORMULA™ 

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Practice & drill the No 1 skill in business 

- and live!

A 1 day intensive live workshop to give you a head start by practicing and drilling proven techniques so you don't have to be pushy, salesy and "creepy" when selling, but can use your natural talent to help people to your advantage. 

 This event supports the SALES ENGINE module of THE COACHING BIZ FORMULA™  

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for more Impact, Time, and Profit 

In this 1 day intensive live workshop you will learn a way to have it all in your Coaching Business  and to be free, physically, emotionally and mentally, from 

  •  Chasing after clients
  •  Bending over backwards for clients
  •  Sacrificing your live for your Business at the expense of your own health, free time and family
  •  Working with no-fun-clients - just for the sake of revenue

 This event supports the  IP & MARKET and the SALES ENGINE module of THE COACHING BIZ FORMULA™

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 3 Months Project Plan

 Video Training & Shooting


A business retreat that forces you - in a good way - to get away from email, social media, phone calls and other distractions for 4 days to focus on ONE THING:

Getting your Business to the next Level.

And relax, create & have fun at the same time.

 This event supports the  all 3 modules of THE COACHING BIZ FORMULA™: YOUR IP & MARKET, POSITIONING & SALES 

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What Participants of our Events say:

Corinne Steiner, Zurich

 "Get out of my comfortzone and go with the first draft showed me how to go with the flow. Thank you for the push to speak and the support and the know-how to  improve."

Gaspar da Silva, Zurich

 "The Team at TheVictoryLog is very enthusiastic in delivering outstanding content with great added value. Having the time to put in practice the exercises was  essential." 

Regina Meier, Zurich

 "Thank you for organizing this great event, learned a lot in a very positive   environment. I can only recommend it!" 

Kornelia Kotulla, Germany

 "Before the program I was thinking I'm not a salesperson, I can't do this, and my Little Voice told my "you can't sell". Doing a lot of practice I was then able to experience, that I really can do this, and I sold 10 voice coachings and my business is increasing!" 

Diana Blanco, Spain

"Before I attented I was so scared of sales, it was a full rejection, I would do whatever it took  not to sell, when I came to Zurich I could see there was another way arround it - it was a mindshift. Biggest takeaway: I was able to sell during the course - for the first time my own product! Huge recommendation - thank you!"

Michiel van de Watering, NL

  "Before the Sales & Leadership program I was procrastinating too much, after the program I am now a much better listener & planer and I can controll my little voice. I highly recommend the program if you want to improve not only in sales but being a leader for your peers!" 




 When you start out in business as a solopreneur, you usually have no idea how to sell. In fact your sales conversions are so low, that keeping your business afloat is a constant struggle. You are living from month to month, have sleepless night after sleepless night because you are afraid that - if you do not sell - your income stream will be drying up and you will not know how to pay the bills for the business the next month. 

This is why we created this fast paced game which offers a fun way to learn the fundamentals of sales and - if you are already pretty good at sales - puts your skills to the test!

In this 3 hour workshop you'll learn about business, sales, teams & strategies in an entertaining way, while networking, meeting new people & having fun!

 This event supports the SALES ENGINE module of THE COACHING BIZ FORMULA™   

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Public Speaking is a very essential skill in business: 

Because if you cannot effectively communicate to a larger audience than just 1 or 2 people, your ability to scale your exposure and your business will always be limited, especially as a Coach & Trainer, but also as a Business Executive. 

Problem is: Most people are terrified of Speaking in Public. 

To help you overcome this fear we created a shortucut by teaching you in the fastest, most efficient and fun way possible, based on the studies about the best way to learn thru interaction and activities: 

By Playing a Game!

 In this 3 hour workshop you'll learn & practice essential speaking skills and practice them within your team in a save environment.

 This event supports the POSITIONING  module of THE COACHING BIZ FORMULA™  

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 If you could turn more No's into Yesses, what do you think would happen to your Conversion Rate (the rate in which you convert prospects into clients)?

Handling Objections is one of the most essential skills in Sales - because the better you get at it, the more deals you close!

Learn & practice the simple but profound 3 step process in our complimentary 1,5 hour Online Workshop. This workshop is engaging and interactive, so be prepared to practice your worst nightmares when it comes to objections - and have fun while doing it!

Impossible? Come and see for yourself

  This event supports the SALES ENGINE module of THE COACHING BIZ FORMULA™ 

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