Do you want to have a competitive edge in the Coaching Business Game? Right from the start?

The Key to having that edge is to FIND YOUR COACHING TOPIC. 


Not just ANY topic. 

YOUR topic. 

Problem is, a lot of coaches are not doing that. What they do instead is coaching anybody on anything for one main reason:  

To make some money.

Nothing wrong with that. The Coaching Business is a Business after all, and profit is important. 

But if you're not coaching on what you are REALLY great at and are adjusting your coaching to the hundreds of different needs of various people, 3 things will happen:

1) you will most likely be like a convenience store that has a little of everything but not REALLY what people need

2) your marketing is going to be VERY difficult if not impossible, because finding the right target audience will be tough (how do you market to EVERYBODY?)

3) you'll have to work really hard to continously find clients to sustain your business


"But there are famous coaches out there, coaching all kinds of topics!" you might reason with me now.

Yes, there are exceptions to this rule, like Tony Robbins for example. His programs are about various topics such as health, wealth, relationships.... but seriously, are we comparing ourselves to TONY ROBBINS? 

And here's another thought:

Do you want to compete with Tony Robbins?

Unless you're super successful already - and my guess is, you're not (yet), otherwise you would not be reading this - being a generalist coach does not work.

"But how do I find my perfect coaching topic?" 

This is what our workshop is all about. It's hands-on, practical and we will work on YOU to extract the perfect topic from your core essence, strength and passion. 


What participants say

Clarity and Reassurance

 "great clarity and reassurance of my values, skills, mindset, some new ideas" 


 "Reflection on who I am, where I come from and what I can bring to my clients" 

More on How

"more conscious about how I am actually helping people and how I could support and help them more, concisely" 


"it was fantastic, it has helped me to clarify and get a strong reassurance on what I help people with, which is solid aligned with my core values and my innate skills" 

Originality, Rhythm & Flow

"Originality, rhythm and flow, clear focus that made me put together my statement in a natural manner... Now I have a starting point to take further. THANK YOU!" 

Getting very clear

"Getting very clear of your values, strengths and skills. Understanding these and connecting them with your coaching topic is great value." 

Who is this workshop for?

2 kinds of Coaches:


1) Coaches who are just starting out (revenue below 2'000 EUR / month)

2) Coaches who are stagnant & struggling with finding clients & growing their business (revenue below 6'000 EUR / month)

Who is it NOT for?

Coaches who already have, know and do it all  


By the end of the workshop ...

you will be crystal clear what it is you're really great at and this clarity will lead to successful, efficient and effective growth of your coaching Business.

In the right direction, full-on, with great energy and passion.


Don't forget the fun! Because there are only a few things more fun in a business 

than sharing your passion with other people.


Get access now to the free training: "FIND YOUR COACHING TOPIC"