Are you a Superhero Coach?

One of the biggest challenges of a coach is:

We want to help a lot of people.

Why is that a challenge?

Because it tempts us to fall into the Superhero Coach Syndrom - a syndrom that kills more coaching businesses than anything else.

We want to help a lot of people, AND we have a vast amount of knowledge, tools and things we can help other people with.

So the natural tendency is to want to help all kinds of people with all kinds of problems - being the superhero coach to a lot of different people with different challenges.

It's sounds like this:

Whatever your problem is, I can help you: 

Lose weight, reach your goals, find the perfect partner, make more money - you name it, I've got it!

The reason it does not work is:

You cannot market to the whole world.

You'll be a little of everything to everybody - instead of being that one special solution for a specific type of person..

The key is to be like the heart surgeon to the heart patient (and not like the general practitioner). Specialists add more value - and make more money.

So what is your speciality as a Coach?

Interviewing more than 400 coaches we found that a lot of you simply don't know.

That's why we've created an online training on finding your perfect topic as a coach, including some mind maps, value exercises, strength questions and much more.

And even if you think you already know what your speciality is, the insights from this training will help get even clearer.


What participants say

Clarity and Reassurance

 "great clarity and reassurance of my values, skills, mindset, some new ideas" 


 "Reflection on who I am, where I come from and what I can bring to my clients" 

More on How

"more conscious about how I am actually helping people and how I could support and help them more, concisely" 


"it was fantastic, it has helped me to clarify and get a strong reassurance on what I help people with, which is solid aligned with my core values and my innate skills" 

Originality, Rhythm & Flow

"Originality, rhythm and flow, clear focus that made me put together my statement in a natural manner... Now I have a starting point to take further. THANK YOU!" 

Getting very clear

"Getting very clear of your values, strengths and skills. Understanding these and connecting them with your coaching topic is great value." 

By the end of the workshop ...

You will be crystal clear what it is you're really great at.

You will uncover your strength, values, and other relevant pieces of your core essence.

You will have created your Coaching Statement - clearly identifying what makes you unique in the Coaching Field.


Get access now to the free training: "FIND YOUR COACHING TOPIC"